Explicit consent

We use special algorithms to capture data across your social media platforms and use this to collate your profile and bio that is on TuneSick. By signing up on our website and uploading your content including your music, you give explicit consent for us to use your content solely for the purposes set out on this website. That is, for the purposes of the promotion of your music, events and the promotion of yourself as an artist as a whole. You consent to us displaying your content on our platform across all devices – desktop and mobile, across our network of partner sites and affiliates and across all our social media platforms.

We do not, in any shape or form, have any ownership or intellectual rights to the music you share through our platform. Our platform exists solely to act as a 'host' for your music, a channel whereby listeners can have unlimited access.

If, for any reason you wish to cancel your account, you can do so with immediate effect, however, it can take up to 6 months for all music and musical related content to be completely removed from the site and associated channels. In some cases it may be that traces of your historical content may still appear on our other media outlets or partner channels and so we cannot always guarantee complete removal, however, we will always act upon and do our upmost in any such request to remove any unwanted content.

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